Who we are

Among the evenings to gorge on fries and drink home-brewed beer, between projects and circuits, KRIEG is born. A simple business concept: a group of friends with ideas and goals, who practice study and engineering to create software and hardware.

The goal is to create precise and perfect technology, available for free or at very affordable prices, because everyone should be able to afford the highest quality.

Our motto is "badass by default", because everything we create must be the best.

We are an Italian company: "KRIEG" should not be read as a German term, it does not translate, it is our brand, we currently reside in Calabria, Italy. We have two research and development sections: freeware software and the Audio Department. The freeware software we produce falls into the category of calculation software and utilities. The Audio Department instead develops hardware to optimize listening, whether for home, mobile or PA systems.

Contact information

AddressVia degli Elleni 10,
Spezzano Albanese,
87019 - (CS),
Facebook fb.com/krieg.technologies
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