Themis is a full-analog, solid-state preamp and headphone amplifier: with a fully interchangeable core. The very high performance of an integrated operational amplifier in low level signals are well known to all engineers, their use is the most disparate in electronics. Themis is basically an op-amp buffer, created to drive even the toughest loads. Thanks to its very low distortion and very low output impedance, it offers high precision on all frequencies and perfect headphone control. It dispose of:

  • Two female RCA input jack
  • Two female RCA output jack
  • 3.5mm standard output stereo jack
  • 0.25 inch standard output stereo jack
  • Input volume stereo potentiometer
  • Pre-dissipated output transistor
  • Pre-mounted NE5532 op-amp core

High fidelity is not a subjective concept, but an objective one: it consists in being able to reproduce a song with the utmost precision and without the slightest coloring. The Themis is perfect for the purpose: its distortion is infinitesimal and like an ideal voltage generator it has an output impedance tending to zero, to guarantee very precise bass even in headphones. Plus, it's probably one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers in commerce, and driving even the most difficult headphones.

Highlight specifications

  • 10W rated output power
  • Gain of 23.5dB
  • Low power consumption on stand-by (1.2W)
  • High precision (THD+N < 0.002% at max power)
  • High linearity (+-0.01dB in audio spectrum)
  • High bandwidth (3Hz - 570kHz, -3dB)
  • High SNR and very low noise floor (about 98dB without A-weight)
  • Very low output impedance (0.0035 Ohm)
  • Very low minimum load impedance (down to 8 Ohm)
  • Very low CrossTalk (-112dB)

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